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About Kuroco

Kuroco is an API-first Headless CMS. Unlike conventional CMS, you can build your own system flexibly without being constrained by systems. Feel free to choose all the functions you want anytime you want.

Kuroco's features

Kuroco's Features

Multiple members can edit content at the same time.

  • Fast updates without time lag through API integration.
  • Approval permissions can be configured for each flow, so there'll be no incidents even with simultaneous posts.

No constraint by technology stack

  • You can add contents in your usual environment and develop with your preferred language.
  • You don't need to learn new technology to build CMS.

Multi-device support

  • Achieve customization without being bound to devices!
  • Improve user experience through several touchpoints!

Who is Kuroco suitable for?

  • If you want to display content on multi-functional devices.
  • If you want to integrate with currently used services or in-house services.
  • If you want to allow designers, engineers, and writers to focus on their own tasks.
  • If you are looking for CMS for an enterprise.

More details about Kuroco

For more details about how to use Kuroco, you can see documentation from the following link:

If there is something you cannot understand from documentation only, feel free to join the Slack community. You can chat with our support team directly.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.