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Form field settings

On the form field settings screen, you can configure the fields of the inquiry form.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, select [Campaign] -> [Form].

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On the form list screen, click the title of the inquiry form you want to edit.

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On the form editor screen, click the [Field settings] tab.

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Item descriptions

Form fields

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TitleTitle displayed on the inquiry form.
Required attribute
  • Optional: Filling of the current field is optional.
  • Required: An error message will be displayed if the current field is left unfilled.
  • Don't use: Do not display the current field in the inquiry form.
Answer format / Input restrictionClick [Settings] to configure input options, extensions, items, etc.
(See: Answer format section for details.)
Sort order (descending)Sort numbers of the fields.
IdentifierUnique ID of the field (automatically assigned).
ClearClear all settings for the current field.

Answer format

Click the [Settings] link to open the settings dialog for the corresponding field.

Example: Text box with an input limit of 100 - 400 characters.

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Example: Dropdown list with three options.

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Category editor

The category editor allows you to add and configure the categories displayed in the inquiry form. For each category, you can specify a different set of recipients for the notification e-mail.

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IDUnique ID of the category (automatically assigned).
CategoryName of the category.
E-mail recipientsNotification e-mail address for the corresponding category. For multiple addresses, enter each address on a separate line using the enter key.
Note: To receive automated replies, you must specify an admin e-mail address on the Account screen.
SortSort number of the category. Entries will be sorted in descending numerical order.
DeleteCheck the box and click [Update] to delete the corresponding category.


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UpdateApply any changes made on this screen.
DownloadDownloads the field values in a CSV file.


You can batch update the field values by uploading them in a CSV file. To verify the contents of the CSV file, download a copy using the [Download] button next to [Update].

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Click the [More] in the upper right corner of the Form editor screen, then click [Basic settings changelog] to see a list of the history of editing the basic settings.

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Field settings changelog

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Item  Description  
VersionDisplays the version.
You can see the target version after clicking the version link.
Updated onDisplays the date and time the content was updated.
Updated byDisplays the name of the member who updated the content.
ActionDisplays the type of processing performed.
There are six types of statuses as follows
  • Create new
  • Update
  • Deleted
  • Request
  • Approved
  • Reject Approval
CommentDisplays the comments at the time of update.
ContentDisplays the updated contents.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.